Facebook’s White Supremacist Moderators Break Facebook’s Rules… and Nazi Zuckerberg Doesn’t Care.

We all know that Facebook is a haven of white-supremacist hatred, and that Facebook enables hate, and that Facebook’s internal rules have never matched the dishonest, false-advertising “community standards” that they show to the public.

Now, it appears Facebook’s white-supremacist moderators have found new tactics in their ways of harassing innocent posters and enabling white-supremacist hate speech on the platform. A friend of mine has been the victim of two of them recently after standing up to individuals who had nazi swastikas and schutzstaffel icons as profile pictures.

The first tactic of Facebook’s white-supremacist moderators now is to double-apply a penalty if someone appeals using the “I disagree with the decision” function. At the beginning of April, this happened to my friend, whose comment was “You have a white-supremacist logo as your profile picture.” Both of the penalties below were applied to the SAME comment, with the 3-day added after he tried to appeal using the “I disagree” option.

Two penalties added to the same comment; literally, 2 days added as PUNISHMENT TO THE USER FOR USING THEIR RIGHT TO APPEAL THE DECISION and for standing up against white-supremacist hate on Facebook.

The second tactic of Facebook’s white-supremacist moderators is to restore the comment, admit Facebook got it wrong.. but NOT REMOVE THE PENALTY and simply leave the person in Facebook Jail, denying them the appeal process completely.

Note that this penalty SHOULD have been removed… but Facebook’s white-supremacist moderators refused to remove it despite restoring the comment and admitting they got it wrong.

At this point if you’re still using Facebook, you should stop. Facebook as a platform openly supports white-supremacist hatred, and Facebook’s moderators abuse their powers and break Facebook’s own rules to punish anyone who stands against white-supremacist hate speech.

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